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Sustainability Week resources


Thanks for attending Sustainability Week, co-hosted by Maria 01 and Pure Growth! Below are a collection of resources that can help your company take the next step in its sustainability journey. If you want personalized help with that, feel free to drop us a line anytime.



+impact is a free platform where purpose-driven startups share their challenges with experts and get the advice they need. For free, forever.

Location: Online / Denmark

The Upright Project

The Upright Project uses artificial intelligence to build a big picture of what kind of value companies create.

Location: Online / Finland

Pure Growth guide series

Our guide series helps you take the very first steps toward achieving positive impact through business. We have a special focus on the human side of sustainability, since at the heart of every great company is an amazing team of people.

Location: Online / Finland

Diversity VC + Atomico

Diversity VC + Atomico offers a step-by-step guide to help you plan, deploy, monitor and improve a diversity and inclusion strategy suited to your company.

Location: Online

Spark Sustainability

The Spark calculator was built to give you a feel for which everyday decisions affect your emissions the most, so you know where to start if you want to achieve a big impact with small measures.

Location: Online / Finland


Inklusiiv offers links and resources on diversity and inclusion in tech.

Location: Online / Finland

Sustainable Business Toolkit

The Sustainable Business Toolkit offers short guides on different topics related to business, including sustainability. One of the leading new-media content networks working at the intersection of entrepreneurship and small business.

Location: Online

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

This paper represents a first step towards understanding how AI could accelerate the transition towards a circular economy at scale.

Location: Online

SDG Compass

The objective of the UN/GRI SDG Compass is to support companies in aligning their strategies with the SDGs and in measuring and managing their contribution.

Location: Online

Circular Design Guide

The Circular Design Guide from IDEO and the Ellen MacArthur foundation provides a suite of methods and mindsets that apply design thinking to circular economy challenges.

Location: Online

Service Design Tools

Service Design Tools is an open collection of tools that can be used in design processes in complex systems, and which can be used to help startups understand their impact on their wider ecosystems.

Location: Online